Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The new, old and the in-between

Hi every one!

It's been ages since I last blogged I know I'm so sorry about that. Things got a little too hectic for my taste and I had too take a break. If I remember correctly a couple months ago blogger was experiencing some bugs that were driving me nuts. There was the whole "an error has occurred" message when ever I tried to log in, many times I wasn't even able to log in, and when I was I wouldn't be able to write some thing or read or it would take for ever to even edit a page. Still I tried to continue to blog but my personal life was getting just as messed up.
especially when I'm reading XD

I was working at the factory for 12 hours a day  it was a very exhausting and the pay was all that good but hey it was a job I was happy to do as long as I could pay my bills and help out my family. The bad thing was working those crazy hours left me with no energy to either read or write and my reading suffered badly. The only time I was able to read was at lunch and I wasn't reading more than a book every two weeks, the longest time I've ever taken reading a book. I felt like every thing I was writing was the best I could be doing in and so it also contributed to my break in blogging.

The other thing that happened was college or lack thereof. I'm not sure but I think I mentioned how I had graduated high school last year (class of 2010 yay!) my plan had been to continue with at least community college but things don't tend to go according to plan I've learned. I was unable to continue in the fall so I decided I would take  a year to try and organize my life and so I did always with the hope of picking thing up, I should of known things wouldn't be so easy. I once again tried to enroll in classes but a day before I was to start I was basically denied because of money issues and other things like that.  Lets just say I had a nervous breakdown there was so much strees from myself to do all these things I felt I need to do, work and just family I couldn't take it and had the biggest breakdown I've ever had.
not my pic but awesome books no?

It was the right thing I feel I was able to finally just breathe, to think clearly after it and it just helped me to let go off so many negative feelings. It was during this time that I got some awesome news, I'd gotten the job at another factory. I 'm currently working there I have to say I love it! I'm working 8-hours a day 5 days a week getting payed more than the minimum wage and not stressed at all like I was at the old job. I'm very thankful to my sister who helped me land the job and who has been supporting me with the college thing. So since things have been going so much better I decided I could start bloggin again and I have to say I've been reading some amazing books I hope to review really soon.

Now that every knows the old, the new and the in-between of my lie so far I think getting back to books is a good idea no? also thanks to all who sent me messages wondering where I was. Made me feel like some one cared I wasn't here to at leat help pass 5 minutes of your life lol.

                           as always , Carol