Disclaimer and such

So as much as I hate to do this here's the Disclaimer page  and other stuff of that nature.

I'm not responsible for lost or damaged prizes after they have been mailed.

I reserve the right to cancel a giveaway if rules aren't being followed.

Photos created by me have my Reading under the moonlight watermark. 

My reviews are always my personal opinion I wont receive payment for any review written by me.

I'm ok with you using some thing from my blog page as long as you give me credit and tell me about it before usage. 

Reading Under The Moonlight is of course mine I have worked hard to make it what it is.  I would appreciate it if people wouldn't use my profile layout since it took a long time to create.

as always ♥, Carol is and shall always be my signature to every page and comment written by me.

I believe that is all so yup back to smiling =]

thanks for reading this boring not-so- happy page lets get back to the fun lol

                        as always , Carol