Saturday, February 19, 2011

a book, a movie, and more time please

Wow! I had an amazing day yesterday (today just couldn't compare) so much happened yesterday I thought it was worth a blog entry =D. One of the best things that happened yesterday was that I got my books prize from a youtube contest hosted by Danny Marks, an urban fantasy writer. The prize was a book titled Kisses from Hell (see above for the amazing cover) that features a story from my favorite author Richelle Mead. I was very happy to win the prize not only cause it was a book I hadn't read, but also because the story was a part of Vampire Academy series. I'd read some where (can't remember where exactly) that it wasn't worth buying I couldn't believe that especially since Richelle was one of the awesome authors involved. I'm glad to say whom ever said that was mistaken, since now that i finished reading it i can say it is totally worth buying. Kisses from Hell features 5 amazing authors Kristin Cast, author (with her mom P.C Cast ) of HON series. Alyson Noel, author of The Immortal Series,  a series set to end this summer, Kelly Armstrong, author of The Darkest Powers series, an amazing series that has really awesome book covers =p. Francesca Lia Block, author of Pretty Dead, her books are awesome cause hello what person doesn't love a good love story? and I saved the best for last Richelle Mead who has Three amazing book series- Succubus series, Vampire Academy series, and Dark Swan series. Not only that but she's in the process of publishing the next series Bloodlines which is the spin-off  from Vampire Academy series. 
I really enjoyed reading Sunshine, the short story by Richelle Mead, because i think its the caramel to an other wise ordinary sundae. What I mean by that is that in reading it, it added to the already great story that Vampire Academy is. Sunshine is all about how Lissa's parents meet and fall in love and it made me change my opinion on both of them. So getting the book made me extremely happy, I'm hoping to get a picture posted of me with the book, but it'll have to wait cause i broke my camera last year  =p. what's some thing that has recently happened to you that made you unbelievably happy?

yesterday was also really awesome because i got to see the movie Taken I'd wanted to see this movie for a long time, since its release in theaters back in 2008, but I had been unable to see it. I was channel surfing when i came upon the name I immediately changed the channel and was finally able to watch the movie finally taking it off my movies to watch list.  That list never seems to go down as new movies come out all the time and my favorite movies list just keeps expanding the more movies i watch.  The last thing that made me happy was that i was able to get started on my youtube list. since i have so many websites I'm a member of i have a difficult time keeping up with all of them and so once in a while I will neglect one or two this time is was my youtube account. I've been trying to get caught up on watching my subscriptions but i have to say I'm very behind but yesterday i was able to get started and so hopefully today I'll be finished today if not tomorrow. I'll post more on what exactly i watched tomorrow because no i have to call it a night gotta wake up early tomorrow
                                                                 as always , Carol

Friday, February 18, 2011

Diaries of silly girl

Ok so today I was reading some of the blog entries I'm subscribed to and found one i wanted to (comment?) about Anna Reads  is a blog I recently heard about.  My favorite  author Richelle Mead commented on her facebook about a a review on Vampire Academy series done by Anna. I saw the review vampire academy review as told by stick figures and was pleasantly surprised to find i liked, and so today i decided to read another of her blog post. This time I read one about diaries and how the mind of a teenager works. In her blog she said if we wanted to join in the conversation to leave a link and so i decided to write this blog entry. My diary entries, or what i can find of them, are mostly about my life in school.  For the most part they're about me being boy crazy (lol) about a class i really enjoyed or some times about how people didn't understand me. Some of them weren't even mine to begin with really, some only had a quote i really liked that some times explained what type of mood i was in. The diary entries i found were mostly me in Elementary school and begging of Middle school mixed with those i found one diary entry from my sophomore year in high school. 
"Como amigo te conosi como amigo te acepte y mas tarde comprendi que de ti me enamore"

I realized how scared I am. Scared to live scared to die, scared to love scared to be loved. I'm afraid of this fear i fear the unknown it frightens me so much i wish i could know what will happen in the future maybe it would help calm this fear... or maybe not.

I wonder what would happen if i died my hair blond? what if my hair falls off completely like mami says? omg maybe i can buy a wig!!  but i need money cause mami isn't gonna buy it for me =(

Yay! I got highlights =) not completely blond like Rachel's hair but i think it looks cool. I wonder if Thomas is gonna like it.

I now laugh at some of those things that worried me before like about not having money to color my hair. The diary entry for 2004 translated into English is basically "As a friend I got to know you and accept you as a friend later I realized that I fell in love with you" but it sounds better in Spanish XD. I don't remember who I was thinking about as I wrote it but I'm pretty sure i never told him lol. ok lets see the next on was stuck between the 2004 one and another diary entry well i was pretty much afraid of every thing (kinda still am) but I'm living in the moment and trying to not think about the future so much.  I remember Rachel was the cutest (according to the guys) girl in the class and I loved her blond hair so i wanted to get mine done but my mom was completely against it. In the end i got highlights that i later regretted when my hair started to grow and i couldn't get the roots done. I think Thomas never really said anything about the hair but i can't remember properly.  So anyway i think Anna was right the mind of a teen is mostly filled with thoughts about boys, clothes and hair, and annoying family members =D.
as always Carol
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moriko Ch.1


I look back at how this all started and i regret the loss of life very deeply, but i now know it was necessary for certain events to transpire. My name is Moriko i was told my name meant "forest child" and although  i never truly under stood the meaning i loved it.  I was 16 years old when this all started or you could say when i began to notice the weird happenings in my life that had always surrounded me. I'd always believed my life to be normal, always believed myself to just be another teenager in the world. I guess i was wrong about that as well.  I was living in North Carolina with my mother and father and for the fist time we were gonna stay for longer than a year. I expected the move so i was pleasantly surprise by the news. Father had moved us so many times around the world I could never understand why, and when ever i asked i was always given the usual maybe some day you will understand speech. I still remember that day every thing started changing. I look back and wish I had foreseen the things that happened but as I said, things happen for a reason.


"Daaad!!" i yelled up the stairs as always he was running late wasn't it supposed to be me, the girl how took longest to get ready? i wondered. "Just a minute Mo" I heard him say followed by the sound of a door closing. i shook my head this was our routine i would yell he would say only a little bit more than take longer. My father had always been the type of man that liked looking very professional. I looked at myself and wondered if i should change, when ever i when out with my father i made a conscious effort to look girly.  not because he made me or anything like that , but because i knew in his eyes I was still the little girl who would wear frilly pink dresses. The footsteps over head made me look up and for a moment it was like the man standing at the top of the stairs was a stranger, then he smiled his goofy smile and he went back to being the dad I'd always known.  I knew how other ladies apart from mom looked at him and how could they not with his gorgeous curly golden hair, and the honey colored eyes that now held my attention? i wished i looked like him or at least some what like mom with her strawberry blond hair and blue eyes but i was neither. The only explanation I'd often been told and had to tell was that i looked more like my great grandmother. I had the blackest  almost blue hair of any one i knew and deep brown if not black colored eyes.  "daddy can we go please I promised to meet Sandy at the mall at 4" i looked worriedly at the clock only 15 minutes till 4. Making it there in time would be hard but possible i knew i couldn't be late not to meet Sandra she wasn't the type of person you could leave waiting and not regret later. I saw him look at my black and purple ensemble but he said nothing of it.  "yeah we can leave" he said as he opened the door. once inside the car he pulled away from the house and since I was in such a hurry he took the road through the forest it was the shortest route to get to the mall. I was slightly surprised by it but didn't coment he usually avoided the forest but i loved it. after a short silence he looked toward me and asked "so why the big hurry to get to the mall Mo?"
I was distracted by the surrounding forest i answered with out thinking properly "Sandra wants to get some boots and I need some new pants for the hiking trip." I cringed inwardly as i realized what I'd done i looked out my window hoping to avoid the inevitable.
I didn't so see so much as felt him tense the seconds ticked on then he said very softly and serenely it scared me " you are not going" i spun around immediately  shock clearly on my face.
I tried to make my voice sound calm "why not? every one's going even Jimmy and he's allergic to almost every thing" I looked at my father waiting for him to smile or say he was joking but neither happened. I couldn't believe this was happening i knew if it had been sky diving or swimming with sharks he would have said yes but because it was the forest he was completely against it.
 I felt my anger get the best of me and heard myslef yell "I'm not a child!" ugh why couldn't I be allowed to have some freedom? trying to sound calmer i said "dad i can take care of myself besides you know the school trip is in two weeks i have.." i was cut as he slammed his hand on the arm rest
"no ! you will not go do you understand?" his voice was cold as ice
"but dad " i said i could hear a tremor in my vice a sure sign tears would come
"we are not discussing this you wont go and..." he was unable to finish his sentence. I saw a look cross his face shock? fear? when suddenly he slammed the brakes i was thrown forward and hit my head in the dashboard then every thing when black. When i opened my eyes everything was blurry i couldn't see "dad?" i called I could feel the forest breeze on my face and turned to see he wasn't in his seat. I carefully opened the door and got out. I saw him by the forest floor and next to him was some thing black i tried to focus on it but every thing was getting blurrier and I felt dizzy. Dad was looking in front of him with a look of pure horror i tried to see what was scaring him so much had we hit some one? what was wrong but before i could ask he looked at me and said so softly i thought i was imagining it " I'm sorry i failed you forgive me" I saw some thing hit him and purple dust seep out from his eyes and nose he fell and I screamed the thing turned to look at me. it's cat eyes stared and i wonder briefly in the back of my mind if it was an animal but his eyes held a knowledge beyond that of a simple animal. I saw it coming toward me when i heard the thwack of an arrow being released, the animal jumped and disappeared deeper into the forest. I stood there for a moment in complete shock and before i could look behind me to see my savior i fainted.  

so thats the first chapter of my book Moriko i'm hoping to be able to post the next chapter this week but I'm not sure how busy I'll be so keep a look out for chapter 2 and as always,Carol