Friday, February 18, 2011

Diaries of silly girl

Ok so today I was reading some of the blog entries I'm subscribed to and found one i wanted to (comment?) about Anna Reads  is a blog I recently heard about.  My favorite  author Richelle Mead commented on her facebook about a a review on Vampire Academy series done by Anna. I saw the review vampire academy review as told by stick figures and was pleasantly surprised to find i liked, and so today i decided to read another of her blog post. This time I read one about diaries and how the mind of a teenager works. In her blog she said if we wanted to join in the conversation to leave a link and so i decided to write this blog entry. My diary entries, or what i can find of them, are mostly about my life in school.  For the most part they're about me being boy crazy (lol) about a class i really enjoyed or some times about how people didn't understand me. Some of them weren't even mine to begin with really, some only had a quote i really liked that some times explained what type of mood i was in. The diary entries i found were mostly me in Elementary school and begging of Middle school mixed with those i found one diary entry from my sophomore year in high school. 
"Como amigo te conosi como amigo te acepte y mas tarde comprendi que de ti me enamore"

I realized how scared I am. Scared to live scared to die, scared to love scared to be loved. I'm afraid of this fear i fear the unknown it frightens me so much i wish i could know what will happen in the future maybe it would help calm this fear... or maybe not.

I wonder what would happen if i died my hair blond? what if my hair falls off completely like mami says? omg maybe i can buy a wig!!  but i need money cause mami isn't gonna buy it for me =(

Yay! I got highlights =) not completely blond like Rachel's hair but i think it looks cool. I wonder if Thomas is gonna like it.

I now laugh at some of those things that worried me before like about not having money to color my hair. The diary entry for 2004 translated into English is basically "As a friend I got to know you and accept you as a friend later I realized that I fell in love with you" but it sounds better in Spanish XD. I don't remember who I was thinking about as I wrote it but I'm pretty sure i never told him lol. ok lets see the next on was stuck between the 2004 one and another diary entry well i was pretty much afraid of every thing (kinda still am) but I'm living in the moment and trying to not think about the future so much.  I remember Rachel was the cutest (according to the guys) girl in the class and I loved her blond hair so i wanted to get mine done but my mom was completely against it. In the end i got highlights that i later regretted when my hair started to grow and i couldn't get the roots done. I think Thomas never really said anything about the hair but i can't remember properly.  So anyway i think Anna was right the mind of a teen is mostly filled with thoughts about boys, clothes and hair, and annoying family members =D.
as always Carol
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