Saturday, February 19, 2011

a book, a movie, and more time please

Wow! I had an amazing day yesterday (today just couldn't compare) so much happened yesterday I thought it was worth a blog entry =D. One of the best things that happened yesterday was that I got my books prize from a youtube contest hosted by Danny Marks, an urban fantasy writer. The prize was a book titled Kisses from Hell (see above for the amazing cover) that features a story from my favorite author Richelle Mead. I was very happy to win the prize not only cause it was a book I hadn't read, but also because the story was a part of Vampire Academy series. I'd read some where (can't remember where exactly) that it wasn't worth buying I couldn't believe that especially since Richelle was one of the awesome authors involved. I'm glad to say whom ever said that was mistaken, since now that i finished reading it i can say it is totally worth buying. Kisses from Hell features 5 amazing authors Kristin Cast, author (with her mom P.C Cast ) of HON series. Alyson Noel, author of The Immortal Series,  a series set to end this summer, Kelly Armstrong, author of The Darkest Powers series, an amazing series that has really awesome book covers =p. Francesca Lia Block, author of Pretty Dead, her books are awesome cause hello what person doesn't love a good love story? and I saved the best for last Richelle Mead who has Three amazing book series- Succubus series, Vampire Academy series, and Dark Swan series. Not only that but she's in the process of publishing the next series Bloodlines which is the spin-off  from Vampire Academy series. 
I really enjoyed reading Sunshine, the short story by Richelle Mead, because i think its the caramel to an other wise ordinary sundae. What I mean by that is that in reading it, it added to the already great story that Vampire Academy is. Sunshine is all about how Lissa's parents meet and fall in love and it made me change my opinion on both of them. So getting the book made me extremely happy, I'm hoping to get a picture posted of me with the book, but it'll have to wait cause i broke my camera last year  =p. what's some thing that has recently happened to you that made you unbelievably happy?

yesterday was also really awesome because i got to see the movie Taken I'd wanted to see this movie for a long time, since its release in theaters back in 2008, but I had been unable to see it. I was channel surfing when i came upon the name I immediately changed the channel and was finally able to watch the movie finally taking it off my movies to watch list.  That list never seems to go down as new movies come out all the time and my favorite movies list just keeps expanding the more movies i watch.  The last thing that made me happy was that i was able to get started on my youtube list. since i have so many websites I'm a member of i have a difficult time keeping up with all of them and so once in a while I will neglect one or two this time is was my youtube account. I've been trying to get caught up on watching my subscriptions but i have to say I'm very behind but yesterday i was able to get started and so hopefully today I'll be finished today if not tomorrow. I'll post more on what exactly i watched tomorrow because no i have to call it a night gotta wake up early tomorrow
                                                                 as always , Carol

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