About Me


I'm your average type of girl ... i think lol i have my crazy episodes once in a while where i just random dance or laugh. love swings and having a book to read/blog, movies and the moon? I also love nail polish, make-up, boys and stuff like that. My name is Carolina (i think its kinda long) so whether you want to call me Carol or Carolina either name is fine. I'm 18 and I live in IL like i have for basically all my life. I'm a high school graduate that spends most of her free time reading, watching movies, or at the computer.

I love Urban Fantasy, Mythology, romance i think only genre I'm not too into is Horror but i still read books from that genre just not a lot.  mostly I just read what ever catches my eye it depends on cover, hype (not always), summary, recommendations. I'm a bit of a procrastinator so posting blog on a daily basis is a little hard for me but I'm working on it, i do read all blogs I'm following and post comments on most. i read all my emails so feel free to email me if you have a qustion For now that's all i think? lol

you can follow me on twitter as well if you like i usually tweet about contest I've heard about, books, and other stuff. if you have any questions you can also send me a message to my email address caroespejel15(at)yahoo.com
                                           as always Carol