Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life the High's and Low's

Sometimes I wonder if any one is even reading this i guess the point isn't if some one is, but that I'm writing at all. Many times, I believe, people need a way to talk about their everyday issues to people outside of their family (isn't it weird how it seems esier to approach a subject with like a friend than a brother/sister?). The things that bother them, the highs and low's of life, all those things that seem stuck in their heads. I find myself writing sometimes on pieces of paper those random story plots that pop into my head those issues that i want to resolve mostly its just to get them out to find a release. so i decided that since this was my blog about "books, reviews and the blogger behind it all" i would also feature post about me. Anyways i haven't been blogging about books lately, not that i haven't been reading but more like i just wanna read and read nonstop and find myslef reluctant to make time to blog i wanna read the next book not talk about the last one or at least not write about it but still I'll start reviewing again a post here and there.

So what's going on with me?? lately I've been more about living a healthier lifestyle which means that I'm eating more veggies, lean meat, exercising. That doesn't mean I'm not on a "diet", mostly because i'm a firm believer that "dieting" isn't helpful at all. I mean yeah you lose weight, for a while at least but most people think "ooooh eat a little for a while, after i lose wait i can stop" and yes you can but that means that the weight you've lost will come back. "Diets" are temporary and that's why i don't like them never have, still one of the major factor to losing weight is your eating habits. It doesn't mean that you just eat salads that i think would be more of a "diet" but it does mean realizing what you're eating if there's a healthier option, either another food or a substitution to make a meal healthier, and just keeping yourself accountable. If you mess up, don't worry it happens just make sure that the next meal/day is better that you workout a little more and get at it DON"T give up!!! Motivation is key as well and i just joined the Blogilates June Dietbet i find that its a way to motivate myself and i don't feel like i'm the only person going through this journey. for now this it i'll talk more about  it in another post but now i gotta run my family is waiting for me until later

                                                         as always ♥, Carol


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  2. I love the quote that you used for your post. :) I don't know if you are still eating healthier, but I think it is great to make healthier eating choices when we can. I am currently trying to eat healthier and I am noticing a big difference in my energy level. Of course, I will still have some bad food now and then- because I am not on a diet, I am just enjoying healthier food.

    Best of luck!


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