Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life the High's and Low's

Sometimes I wonder if any one is even reading this i guess the point isn't if some one is, but that I'm writing at all. Many times, I believe, people need a way to talk about their everyday issues to people outside of their family (isn't it weird how it seems esier to approach a subject with like a friend than a brother/sister?). The things that bother them, the highs and low's of life, all those things that seem stuck in their heads. I find myself writing sometimes on pieces of paper those random story plots that pop into my head those issues that i want to resolve mostly its just to get them out to find a release. so i decided that since this was my blog about "books, reviews and the blogger behind it all" i would also feature post about me. Anyways i haven't been blogging about books lately, not that i haven't been reading but more like i just wanna read and read nonstop and find myslef reluctant to make time to blog i wanna read the next book not talk about the last one or at least not write about it but still I'll start reviewing again a post here and there.

So what's going on with me?? lately I've been more about living a healthier lifestyle which means that I'm eating more veggies, lean meat, exercising. That doesn't mean I'm not on a "diet", mostly because i'm a firm believer that "dieting" isn't helpful at all. I mean yeah you lose weight, for a while at least but most people think "ooooh eat a little for a while, after i lose wait i can stop" and yes you can but that means that the weight you've lost will come back. "Diets" are temporary and that's why i don't like them never have, still one of the major factor to losing weight is your eating habits. It doesn't mean that you just eat salads that i think would be more of a "diet" but it does mean realizing what you're eating if there's a healthier option, either another food or a substitution to make a meal healthier, and just keeping yourself accountable. If you mess up, don't worry it happens just make sure that the next meal/day is better that you workout a little more and get at it DON"T give up!!! Motivation is key as well and i just joined the Blogilates June Dietbet i find that its a way to motivate myself and i don't feel like i'm the only person going through this journey. for now this it i'll talk more about  it in another post but now i gotta run my family is waiting for me until later

                                                         as always ♥, Carol

Friday, March 15, 2013

Back at it, my lovelies


Long time no see my beauties, how long has this blogging hiatus been?? Far longer than i would have wanted and expected. So whats happened in my life? I graduated from high school, Got a new Job, started a coffee business became more in-tune with my inner glamor girl and just been more out and about

   That's also been the reason I've been away for so long, i haven't been reading as much as i was previously and just generally didn't have the time to blog any more not to mention how blogger was giving me so many issues. Thankfully I'm back and since android has the app for blogger i can now blog from my phone as well so that means I'll b able to update more, that also means some of my newer blog will feature not only books I'm currently reading but also things from my everyday life so stay tuned!

   I hope you can bear with me as I get back into the habit of blogging and post comments with questions, book's you'd like me to review about me and stuff of that nature but for now its off to update other parts of this blog (like the about me page it still says I'm 18!!)


                                             as always , Carol 

ps. what do you guys think of my little pictures? cute or not lol :)