Tuesday, March 8, 2011

holed up with some furry socks

The last few days weeks? have been pretty stressful, eventful, crazy fun in a while.  Since my last blog post I've become the last single person in the family, read a bunch of books, won a contest, prepared a wedding party,  gotten a cold, and finished watching my subscription videos on youtube (at least so far.) Right now I'm in holed up in my room with the door locked trying to contain my flu. The bad thing with me is I usually don't get colds, but when ever I do they strike hard and they usually last a long time.  Things all started a couple of months back my older brother decided to get married naturally a date was set July 27th and things started to get arranged. Then my other sister told him that the next family vacation had been set up so that it would be in that week! They were trying to arrange it so they could move it but they couldn't and since they already lived together the lovebirds decided to move the wedding date. So how did they decide what the new date was going to be? simple really they cut up 3 months March, April, and May 31 numbers were folded and were placed on a hat then they reached inside and pulled out their new wedding date.  It was pretty funny when they pulled out the month March and the day 2! this all happened on February 23 which means the had barely a week to get a wedding set up. I know they could have just picked out another date but they decided against it and so we had to scramble to get every detail of the wedding ready! On March 2 my brother was married and I had become the last in the family (from brothers and sister) to still be single. Since the wedding was on the week we decided to wait until Saturday to have the party. Around this time  noticed my niece was sniffling a lot but took no more notice of it because i was busy helping out with wedding arrangements. Although my computer had been acting kind of slow these days i was able to at least get on my facebook to check messages and other info. While there i noticed a post from Richelle Mead talking about a contest and i couldn't help myself i had to look lol. The contest was pretty straight forward leave a comment and maybe win a book.  the chances of winning were pretty slim but what i love most about contest isn't just winning its the excitement i get from entering one and waiting to see what happens if i win great if not there's always a next time! So you can imagine my surprise when i opened my mail and found i had won! I was beyond excited because i could add Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead to my bookshelf... if you can call it a bookshelf  lol. Well my version of a bookshelf I was also able to watch my youtube videos i love watching them and leaving and getting comments so I try to keep up. My favorite people to watch are dannymarksya  and because i love a good laugh RayWilliamJohnson they are usually the people i watch even when my computer is really slow. They have been my solace this past two days that I've felt sick, and so we come full circle to the part where I'm sick. I think it was a combination of stress, fatigue, and a sick person that made me feel as horrible as I am right now.  Currently i dont have a fever but i do have a seriously irritated throat and stuffy nose and my chest feels irritated ( like it always does when ever I'm getting or already am sick) I have the suspicion that the culprit of my flu in this case was my niece that didn't go to school on Friday (she had a high fever)  and with whom i spent all Friday and Saturday... also she maybe have infected her sisters.  I'm reading books to pass the time but I'll make a post on which ones tomorrow (if i can) because for now I'm feeling tired so...
                                       as always , Carol

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