Monday, March 14, 2011

awesome Giveaways is hosting an awesome giveaway. so i decided to join it its very original ( at least to me it is) most of the blogger's are giving away books but at iceybooks the prize is a bottle cap necklace  see original post  -> and since I'm still feeling sick to the bone this is all I'm writting until i feel better  but before i leave i also wanted to post this link to anther one of Iceybooks giveaways but this one is a book called The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver and link is any of these is great giveaway to join if any body loves books and jewelery =D . If that wasn't enough for you don't despair because the giving doesn't stop there there are many other blogger's participating in this great give away each with their own respective prize all in the name of Chick loves it 2 year blogoversary check out the other giveaway-ers (lol =p) by clicking the following mega link ->

as always , Carol

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