Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New blogger in town

so i have finally succumbed to a making a blog *shock* 
why? well cause i couldn't  help myself besides that i like writing so why not right?
the only bad thing is i tend to start things then leave them, then come back after a long while. So hopefully that wont happen here. I don't do it on purpose but, i often start something else and kinda get really caught up in it, i forget for a while but i always come back. 
So today i was reading about Banned books and was surprised to see that Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy  books were banned in Texas it really made me sad because its a wonderful series. as are many of the books that get banned i understand some aren't appropriate for like elementary students but for the most part i think people should be allowed to choose what they read. coming from a family that i love and adore, but doesn't understand my love of books i can kind of understand how some one would feel if they weren't allowed to read a certain kind of book.  i think whats worse in the banning of books is that most of the people who banned  them didn't even read them to begin with.  how can some one decide that a book isn't safe to read when they don't even know the contents of said book?  anyways that's it for now I'm off to eat something then maybe read or maybe watch a movie anyways.
                                                                                    as always ,

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