Sunday, December 12, 2010

bruised but alive

Wow, so much time has passed since i last posted. Ok so what happened these last few days? I was really excited because I was going to Chicago. One of my favorite series was  coming to an end and the author Richelle Mead was going to come to Chicago to do a book signing and I really wanted to meet her.  So I decided I had to find a way to go, I don't drive, because of reasons I may later explain, so I had to find some one to take me. I asked my older brother if he could possibly take me but alas he couldn't. He had to work so I found myself with a dilemma, how could I get myself to Chicago in time to meet Richelle?  That i remember, I've only taken the train once and  I was really small and considering I get lost easily I didn't think it was a good idea to go in one.  i have many sisters and 2 brothers but i was pretty sure none of them could possibly help. It was Sunday the 5th and still no possible way to get to Chicago. I was basically giving up and really bummed out still we had a birthday party that day so i decided to give it one last ry and see if maybe i could go. Turns out my brother-in-law was free and he volunteered to help me. On Thursday the 9th I was able to go i was really excited one of my biggest dreams was coming true. Richelle Mead was beyond awesome and the night couldn't have been better... well it the only thing that kinda got t me was the accident dun dun dun lol. As I was getting up to get my books signed  a girl tripped? or was pushed I'm not sure and basically fell on top of me. it was really embarrassing and it hurt a lot. One of my first thoughts was are my books alright? My books that I'd been taking care of so much got a little torn and that made me really sad. I don't think the girl got hurt as she landed on me and i think her fall wasn't as jarring as mine, but i did. I ended up with 2 bruised knees one of them has mostly faded now but the right one. it still hurts and i can't really kneel where i got hit the hardest is still pretty hurt and has carpet burn. thankfully i didn't sprain any fingers although they hurt the first 2 days and my pants didn't rip ( from carpet burn) but it was a close call. I still think the trip was worth it and would do it again im not entirely sure if Richelle saw what happened but I'm wondering if she did. who knows maybe i'll find out maybe i wont. either way the experience was every thing i hoped for and for i can now check *meet my fave author  off my list. now thats all going to post maybe if i can get the camera to give me my pics and movie thing i will post them but no promises on them being posted or on their quality ... i wasnt filming/taking pictures my brother-in-law was lol hes good at filming but pictures? not so much. 
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