Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick update #4 and April R.A.K summary

I am so behind aren't I? lol I'm truly sorry hings have been hectic at home I had to work a few more day and I've been recovering from some back pain but all is well now the good thing about trying to recover  is that I had the chance to read a few more books! The reviews for those will be up soon. and I'm really excited for the other things happening in the blog in the days coming.

I wanted to remind every one about my Sarah Dessen giveaway that is still running. I may even extend the ending date of the 15th one or two days because of blogger being down but I'm not sure yet. 
Also remind you all about the Splash into Summer giveaway that starts May 25 and clarify that I was so wrong I'm not number 180 as I had previously believed I'm actually # 247 lol but the good thing is there are many blogs you can enter and the possibility of winning is high! I also already have the book I'll be giving away and maybe I'll have another prize (something like swag) so there could be two winners =]

Ok now that that's out of the way I have thanks to give. First of all to the girls at Book Soulmates for making such a fun even like the  R.A.K or Random Act of Kindness. I'm sad to say I wont be participating this month but next month I will. For the month of April I actually got a R.A.K from Emily at Emily's Reading Room  I can't thank her enough for giving me the chance to read one of the books from my ever growing wishlist.

I received Clarity from Emily I loved this book!
Of course I had to give some one a book to show my R.A.K  but I just couldn't decide who to choose I felt like it would be bad for me to just pick some one so I used Random. org and ended picking Amanda from Novel Addiction I contacted her and after a lot of crazy mishap I've finally sent her book!
Amanda from Novel Addiction will be receiving this book.
So thats basically the April R.A.K summary sorry it took so long lol anyways happy reading every one

                                as always , Carol

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