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Review Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry

@ Goodreads
Happy hour of the Damned (Amanda Feral #1)
By: Mark Henry
Publisher: Kensington
Published: March 1st, 2008

"Before she became a zombie, Amanda Feral had everything under control. This sassy Seattle advertising exec and full-time party diva knew how to cope with club leeches and overbearing clients, but fending off the undead is clearly something else. As Amanda gradually adjusts to her new, exceedingly weird identity, she learns important lessons about shapeshifters, reapers, bloodsuckers, dressing to truly kill. And the minute one of Amanda's undead friends disappears after texting the word, "help" (the undead-so dramatic!) she knows the afterlife is about to get really ugly. A hysterical paranormal debut romp." Synopsis from Goodreads and back of the book.

Lets cover talk: 
The cover for Happy Hour of the Damned is simple in a way but I like it. Amanda looks very dead with her deathly skin tone but also very fabulous the only thing I wasn't so happy about is her shoulders look kinda of weird. That and her nails aren't painted I don't now it seems like she would have them a fab color but then again she could just think its too much of a hassle lol. I love that the moon is incorporated into the cover not only because they do spend a lot of their time hanging out at night but also because I love the moon. Ditto for the Cemetery ...except I'm not a fan of them kind of creepy especially at night. There are no other covers as far as I know so no other pics this time.
One of my favorite footnotes Amanda thinks lol what do you think does my pic look weird?

My Opinion ooer!:
The book is told with little footnotes (like the quote on pic) at first this was kind of weird but I really enjoyed it as the story progressed they certainly got many chuckles out of me. I loved so much of this book, like the first time Wendy and Amanda meet, or many of the other first meetings since they are all so different and funny in an almost sick twisted way. Like in many other stories I kept trying to guess who the villain was but I must confess I was way off. The ending was especially crazy but incredibly enjoyable a complete surprise all on it's on.  This book isn't a Paranormal Romance story although there is some romance mixed in with all the other crazyness its just mostly a paranormal story. This book is an adventure it's full of crazy happenings, weird encounters and surprise endings that any one can enjoy
The Story is told from Amanda's narcissistic point of view she is the main character in Happy Hour of the Damned. Most of the time one of her friends Wendy, Gil and Liesl are with her but not always. Amanda and Wendy are Zombies made not mistakes, Gil is a vampire, and Liesl is a succubus. Their kind of like the fantastic four except they don't help humanity unless it's in their benefit and even then it's almost reluctant. Their all pretty similar, all of them dibble in the sarcastic  languages,  witty/catty remarks,  and all around food enjoyment of the human kind. I really liked them because their not your goody-goody characters they really don't care what happens to humans Amanda is even outraged when a Zombie tries to go on a cow diet instead of human.  Amanda is full of diva-tude she completely changed my opinion on zombies in ways I thought impossible you can read my opinion on zombies in my blog post ""Where I talk zombies into vegetarianism or at least try to".  I learned many things while read Happy Hour of the Damned for example that if you're a homeless person or & live in Seattle you should watch your back other wise a zombie could attack lol. Amanda isn't your knight in shinning armor she will throw you in front of a bus if it saves her and eat you with no remorse afterward. She cares for only her friends which is why when one of them disappears she enlist many in the search of her lost friend. 

There are many other characters like Ricardo the hottie but very dead zombie, Shane King 28 year old looking but probably closer to 100 vampire, Elizabeth Karkaroff rumored Devil, Cameron Hansen celebrity, Reapers little girls with big mouths and so many others this book is full of amazing paranormal action. At times the book was slightly too gory but in a way that made me say eww but keep reading. This book is definitely more of an adult read or at least 16 and older since it contains some graphic scenes ( one or two minor sex scenes but mostly just bloody) but nothing major in my opinion.  Over all I really liked this book it made me laugh, say eww a lot and simply learn the dark side can be fun if you have the right company.

Over all I have to give Happy Hour of the Damned a five out of five rating aka Truly Swoon Worthy rating because it was full of twisted humor that you can't help but enjoy. It's one of the books where I enjoyed the snarky character I usually don't but that's because they pretend to be all nice and then turn out to be horrible, not Amanda shes queen-of-the-snark and owns it.

I hope you will check out  Happy hour of the Damned at goodreads  and maybe add it to your TBR it's worth it. Have a nice day every one

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