Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where I talk Zombies into vegetarianism or at least I try to

         You were forewarned this topic has been Zombiefied!!! lol 

So you might be wondering what's up with the whole Zombies theme right? well I wanted to talk a little bit about them (zombies), me (normal human .. I think), and books/ movies who have zombies in them. These days when ever I go into a bookstore I find at least one zombie book or movie and well if  I had a t-shirt in my closet that said I Zombies

 or at least an I Zombies pin maybe that would make me really happy but in reality zombies FREAK me out!  So here is the logical questions that would follow me making this statement probably made by some one who has noticed this week I read two zombie books.
"why if Zombies freak you out are you reading zombie books?"

Excellent question random person I don't know, the answer to that is some what simple, but before I can answer that I need to explain why they freak me out. I mean I've read/watched things with vampires, werewolves, ogres, ghost's, mummy's and other creepy stuff so do zombies freak me out so much? I blame movies for the most part, and also my brother-in-law. You see when I was about 12 I use to always go to the family store it was inside a huge mall and our store was right across from that of my brother-in-law's. So I would always either be with my mom or I would be at his store, I could see movies in his store and I would often get bored if I didn't. That fateful day I had been watching a family movie, I had drunk a lot of soda and I left to got to the bathroom. By the time I had came back he had already changed the movie to Dawn of the Dead of course I didn't know that at the time. Yeah I"m talking about that movie from 2004 where a plague hits and normal people are turned into flesh eating zombies. So there I am normal as could be when out of nowhere a little girl attacks a guy and rips his throat out. Yeah I was freaked out Big time but before I could go running to my mom my friend asked me if I was scared. Being the scared-y cat I am I would have probably said yes but I was also some what embarrassed to accept it so I said no and stayed to watch it. Suffice to say I didn't sleep well that night or the next. Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I slept on my mothers room lol.
gives me the Heebie Jibbies just posting this pic *shudders 
So basically that's the reason I have been terrified of them since I was younger.  My belief had always been that I couldn't watch or read any zombie book or movies but I guess I proved myself wrong. You see this year I gave them  a chance my fist ever zombie book was actually Never Slow Dance With a Zombie by E. Van Lowe it was a book I was conflicted about at least when I picked it up. It's a funny book but at the same time these zombie's are flesh eaters so part of me felt it was unwise to take it, the other felt I couldn't judge the book on my previous experiences.

I loved the book (so much I might even make a review for it but that would have to be until I finish the reviews I already have panned) I read through it and found myslef wanting more zombies and so I came across The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I've read so many blogs post about how much they loved the book and all I could think of was how I hadn't. Maybe it was because her zombies were freaky and part of me rejected them, could be I just didn't like the main character all that much by the end of the book, or how many people died that I wish had lived I'm not sure. By the end of this book I had once again put my walls up to zombies they didn't deserve to be trusted even in book form.

I didn't read any zombie books for a while after The Forest of Hands and Teeth instead I developed a new theory that I couldn't read any zombie books where the zombies were flesh eaters. Which sounds silly really,  if they didn't they wouldn't really be zombies would they? I was pretty sure I had hit the nail on the head with that theory anyway until I proved myslef wrong again.  I read Generation Dead  by Daniel Waters and Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry. The zombies of Generation Dead eat... well it's never really explained I just know the don't really eat human food. Although a character in there does try to eat fruit (shes the basis for this blog post title) she was some what of a vegetarian I guess lol. I read both Generation Dead and Happy Hour of the Damned (actually I'm about to finish reading Happy Hour of the Damned) and I loved them both. Yes both of them have zombies as main characters and at least Amanda Feral, the main character in Happy Hour of the Damned, is human flesh eater. 

After reading both books and loving them despite them having zombies that ate flesh (at least Amanda did) I had to really think about it was I really just prejudiced against zombies was it that they were human-flesh eaters? that couldn't be it other wise I would have really hated Amanda so what was the real reason? I have now the answer... or at least a new theory lol. I believe the real reason is that the  zombies that freak me out are the mindless killing machines those that attack just because they don't know what else to do those that will attack anything that moves and has a pulse. Yeah those are freaky those I would probably run away from screaming a girl. for now that theory has held up if it ever changes I think I'll update this blog post.

If  you stuck around for all that give your self a pat on the back lol and thanks for reading my rambling on zombies and such. That's basically my philosophy on zombies if you have any thoughts on my post or if you are a zombie and would like to tell me please leave a comment below. Oh before I leave just wanted to leave you all with smile on your face and with zombies on your minds just in-case they weren't in there already with this pic:
Because I thought this pic was beyond cuteness lol

have a fun weekend evey one happy reading.

                   as always , Carol


  1. Woah!!You are a big Zombie fan,aren't you??
    Nice post.
    Also I gave you the One Lovely Little Blog Award, so stop by my blog to check the post out.


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