Thursday, April 21, 2011

Library Unveiled #2

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Yay second Library Unveiled. This week I reached to the far back of my bookshelf to bring out some of my first books (not the first one I read just the first I bought lol) and a few others. This week on my Library unveiled I have:      Stories of Love                    
                                                   My Small Reads

Skip Beat! @ GR

I'm actually a BIG fan of Manga.  I Became a manga fanatic before my  love of reading even began it's actually a really long story that I wish to tell all my friends so I'm sure I'll be writing a blog post about it either today or tomorrow. Before that thought Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura, its a series as most manga is. It's also still ongoing which makes me happy because I love it and don't want it to end yet.  This pic is of the fist book but I have book 14, 15, and 16 I haven't been able to buy the others but I check them out of the library often.  I love the story in this one ts very awesome and if you are thinking of giving manga a chance you should definitely check out this one or Kimi ni Todoke you wont be dissapointed.

Winter's child @ GR

I Love Cameron Dokey's Retelling stories they are always so lovely. I bought Winter's Child a while back but I've read all of them except maybe 2 or three I have yet to buy. Winters Child doesn't disappoint and as always I love the cover its very lovely as are the other covers they are fast read because the normally don't have more than 200 pages so makes the small reads list.  If you haven't yet pick up a Cameron Dokey retelling story maybe you'll love the new version of happily ever after.

Kitchen Princess @ GR

Kitchen Princess by Natsumi Ando and Miyuki Kobayashi  is another manga story I personally own. this is a different story than Skip Beat! but still a great book. I love the format of the book like Skip Beat! its actually the Japanese format meaning you read the story from the back to the front the story is very innocent and full of love an awesome small read.  As a plus since its about food (Kitchen hello name? lol) they usually have the food recipe to what ever is talked about in the manga and its a finished story ended 2009 so no waiting =p

                              Not So small Reads
Winner Takes All @ GR

With 537 pages Winner Takes all by Nora Roberts is not a small read but then again its a 2-1 book. In this book there are two stories one of  Brooke and Parks and the other featuring Johanna and Sam. I loved both I sometimes find myslef only liking one if its a 2-1 and wishing the whole story was about them but in this case I loved both equally and I was pretty happy how things ended. My first Nora Roberts book definitely not my last.

Prisoner of my Desire @GR

Another Johanna Lindsey book from my shelf (wait did I already put one up? if not I will!) I love the cover on this one it seems kind of simple but its actually double cover (You know I lve those!)  and the inside cover is pretty sexy if I do say so myself. The book is full of passion and romance not a fast read since it has 425 pages but it's well wort it.  This was my first Johanna Lindsey book and hasn't been my last I assure you its just been one of my favorite from her.

So those are my small reads and longer reads both old series I follow and older books I've read and enjoyed. All of them are Love based stories. I hope you will check out these books and maybe give them a try I really loved them maybe you will too . Thanks for reading this week's Library Unveiled hosted by Mad Scientist over at   Steampunkery & book reviews

              as always ,  Carol

all books are linked to Goodreads just click the words below the pic.


  1. ooh...I love the cover of Winter's Child! Even though I don't want to think of winter for awhile..YAY Spring! I have never read any manga so I didn't recognize those titles. Great library!

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