Thursday, April 7, 2011

Library Unveiled

Don't know what is in your library?
Want to share your books with others?
Curious to know what is in other libraries?
Library Unveiled is a new Meme created by the Mad Scientist over at Steampunkery & book reviews. It's way to share your personal library, bound or virtual, with the Mad Scientist and other bloggers.

Every Thursday stop by and share 5 books & perhaps a snippet of your thoughts or link to a review for more info just head on over to The Mad Scientist blog page I promise it won't hurt...much.

So I've decided to Join Library Unveiled because I have so many books that I wouldn't be able to feature otherwise and that just seemed like a sad thing to do so now every week (or at least other week lol) I'll be posting five books that need some loving. This week I'm featuring:

Death by Series on goodreads

Death By Denim

I loved this series by Linda Gerber. I was very intrigued by the cover in all the Death By series. They all have what ever deadly material there is ex. Bikini, Latte, Denim. I don't know I just fell for it as you can see (you can can't you???) it has two cover parts the top with the Denim(or bikini or Latte) and the bottom part with the crossbones and skulls its very pretty. I really loved series maybe I can make a review for it but it will be a little hard since I have many other reviews already planned out stay tune though you never know what will happen.

Beach house on Goodreads
The Beach House

I actually received this book from my friend Nallely about 4 years ago I was slightly skeptical about it since there was no Romance (or so I'd though at the moment) and it was more of a mystery thriller but I loved it. It was the first time I'd read a mystery/ thriller and also the first time I'd read a book by James Patterson. I definitely recommend this book if you haven't read anything from James Patterson it's definitely a worth while read.

Wanting What You Get on GR

 Wanting What You Get

This book was also part of the gift my friend Nallely gave me it was a package of 3 or 4 books lol. I wasn't aware this was a trilogy until much later when I was researching Kathy Love. This is actually the 2nd in the trilogy I still have to read the first and the third but maybe I can get to it soon. This was also the 2nd Romance book I'd ever read and like the first Romance book I read made me want to read more romance novels.

All-America Girl @ GR
All-America Girl

I feel so bad about this, I actually got All-American Girl from a teacher and was never able to return it. I tried trust me but in the end when I was finally able to find my teacher he told me since hed already bought a new one I could keep it. Either way I felt bad for making him buy another, Still I loved reading All-American Girl and its companion Ready or Not they were fabulous. This was the first Meg Cabot book I'd ever read since then I've read other of her books but till this day I haven't read The Princess Diaries is that crazy or what? I loved the movie so I probably should read the book (the book is always better no doubt about it)  and as a plus my book has double cover (not shown in pic sorry) I love it.
Lone Eagle @ Goodreads
 Lone Eagle

I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this book only because the cover didn't capture my attention. This is a book that proves you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Again this was part of the book gift and it was the last one I read from that stack but it was the one I loved most of all.  There were moments I cried moments I felt the love it was just a wonderful book. I actually have another book by Danielle Steel I really liked but that's for another Library Unveiled lol.  I loved this book so much I know I'm making a review of it soon I promise!

I'm really glad I was part of Library Unveiled it let me show all of you some of my books and it let me remember why I loved the books I have.  Thanks to the Mad Scientist for making this new meme and all that's left to say is Whats on your bookshelf?

                    as always  , Carol

all books have a link to Goodreads page so you can check out synopsis and other stuff like publisher and others in series.


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  2. That is indeed a variety of books. I have never read a Steel book. But I think I should have to one day. I love Patterson. His books are so much fun to listen too. & His YA is so fast to read. I have not had a chance to read The Beach House but I think I love Alex Cross. LOL!

    Black Disaster Fairy

  3. All American Girl is a great book.Haven't read the others

  4. i think that this is a wonderful meme! i got addicted before with danielle steels' novels, but i haven't read lone eagle yet.

    am a new follower, visit me some time. :)


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